Top Surgery | Female to Male Surgery in Portsmouth | Dr. Anthony Wilson

Top Surgery – Female to Male Surgery in Portsmouth To realize one’s own identity fully is one of the primary aims of life. For transgender individuals, this path of self-realization often involves one or more gender confirmation surgeries. Transgender male patients who were assigned female at birth frequently undergo double mastectomy in order to create… Read More »

Alternative Uses for Botox® that May Surprise You

Botox®® has become the most popular anti-aging treatment for facial wrinkles worldwide. Its amazing cosmetic benefits have made it a household name. Those who have yet to experience the convenience of Botox® injections probably know someone who can attest to how well it restores and maintains smooth skin. Although mainly used to resolve wrinkles caused… Read More »

How Long will EMSCULPT® Results Last?

A sculpted tummy and a tight, lifted booty are difficult to achieve on your own, but non-surgical EMSCULPT® can make it easier. By stimulating and contracting the muscles thousands of times in a single treatment, EMSCULPT® creates results that you just can’t match with a standard workout. EMSCULPT® is certainly effective, but the real question… Read More »

The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

The cosmetic benefits alone of a tummy tuck convince thousands of men and women to choose this surgical procedure every year. A flatter, more sculpted tummy appeals to many of our patients, especially those struggling with a post-pregnancy or weight loss pooch. The benefits of a tummy tuck don’t stop with a flat tummy, however…. Read More »

How to Choose the Best Breast Implant for Your Lifestyle

Many women feel dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, especially after pregnancy, an illness or an extended time breastfeeding. Implants promise to restore a feeling of youth and sensuality, but many wonder how they adapt to their bodies, exercise habits, and other activities.  While 30 years ago, only a few implant types… Read More »

pre-wedding treatments

When Should You Schedule Your Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Treatments?

Saying that there are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to planning a wedding is an understatement. There are vendors to choose, family members coming in from out of town, and mountains of details to coordinate. It’s easy to forget in such a complicated process that enjoying the experience and taking personal care… Read More »

smaller implants

Why Are Women Electing Smaller Breast Implants?

For more than 12 years, breast augmentation has been the number one cosmetic plastic surgery procedure in the United States. There are many reasons women choose to get a breast augmentation, from adding more volume to shaping more symmetrical breasts. Some women choose to get a breast implant after having children, and other women are looking… Read More »