Considering FaceTite? Real Patient Shares Experience, Results, and Benefits

For many people, a sagging chin and an undefined jawline can be a deterrent to a happy, confident life. That’s why facelifts continue to be one of the top five surgical procedures in the country. But oftentimes, getting rid of that fat requires undergoing cosmetic procedures with long recovery periods, and that’s something a lot of patients don’t want to put up with. Enter FaceTite – a new, in-office procedure that resculpts and tightens skin, with minimal pain and a shorter timeframe for recovery.

How does it work, you ask? During the process, a small device delivers radiofrequency waves under your skin through a tiny incision, melting away pockets of fat and triggering collagen production. When combined with liposuction – a procedure known as radiofrequency assisted liposuction (RFAL) – it works to pull out fat deposits and leave your face contoured, tight, and anew. Curious to know the ins and outs of the procedure? Here, a real patient shares their FaceTite experience with AW Plastic Surgery.

What made you decide to choose FaceTite?

“I have always had a double chin, and it was one of my biggest sources of insecurity. I never wanted my photo taken because I was so embarrassed by it. After seeing some candid photos my boyfriend’s mom took of me, I finally decided I wanted to do something about this insecurity of mine.”

How did you prepare for the procedure?

“I made arrangements for someone to bring me to and from my procedure. I made sure I had comfortable clothes to wear after the procedure. I wore a hoodie over a tank top, so when I changed into the robe during the procedure, I could keep the tank top on, and just zip up a hoodie afterwards. It’s best to wear loose-fitting clothing so it’s easy to pull over your headwrap. I made sure I had a comfortable area to sleep with my head elevated. I also had a friend French-braid my hair so it would be out of the way during and after the procedure.”

What happens right before the procedure?

“During the procedure, Dr. Wilson first numbs three spots under your chin with lidocaine. You wait a few moments for it to kick in. Next, Dr. Wilson performs tumescent anesthesia – which involves injecting local anesthetic solution – in the lidocaine-numbed spots. In my opinion, this was the most intense part. After that is over, you don’t feel a thing. After the tumescent kicks in, you just lay back as the team puts a roll under your shoulders so your neck is all the way back. That’s when things get started.”

What happens during the procedure?

“Dr. Wilson starts by performing the Facetite procedure all around the area of concern, and then finishes with liposuction to remove the melted fat. If you had opted for a Morpheus8 treatment with your FaceTite like I did, Tracy will then perform the Morpheus8 on your chin and neck while everyone else leaves the room. This part is also completely painless – thanks to the numbing medications.”

How did you feel after the procedure?

“After the procedure, they walked me to the front where my ride was. We got in the car and went home. I was pretty swollen so I just had some soup for dinner. I felt totally fine; I just took some tylenol and wasn’t in any pain. This is a low-to-no pain procedure. You feel fine in the days following your FaceTite procedure. That said, it’s good to take the next day or two off from work if you work from home. If you work in-person in an office, you will probably want to take one week off of work since you will be wearing a headwrap 24/7 for the first five days.”

What after-care instructions did you have to follow?

“After surgery, you need to use tylenol as directed by the AW Plastic Surgery team. You also have to wear a head wrap 24/7 for the first five days. You can shower normally – just face away from the shower head. Five to seven days after surgery, you’ll have to come in for your follow-up appointment. At this appointment, you will have your stitches removed, and the AW Plastic Surgery team will let you know how often to wear the head wrap after that.”

How soon after the procedure did you start seeing results?

“I noticed a pretty drastic difference right after surgery. However, every case and patient is different, of course. You will start to notice some results right away, however, you won’t see your full final result until six months after your surgery date.”

Are there any risks or side effects you were aware of?

“Everyone made sure I was fully aware of the risks and side effects prior to surgery. Dr. Wilson and his team will go over these with you at your consultation.”

What advice would you give to patients who are considering FaceTite?

“You should absolutely come in for a consultation. Dr. Wilson and the AW Plastic Surgery team are so knowledgeable; they’re just an incredible group of professionals. FaceTite can really make such a huge difference for people. What’s more, it’s a simple procedure – and reasonably priced.”

What’s one misconception or hesitation you had before going into it?

“As the clinical coordinator for AW Plastic Surgery, I see a lot of people come in for FaceTite consultations. A lot of them either only have a tiny amount of fat to be removed or are getting the procedure for very minor jowling. I talked to Dr. Wilson, and he thought Facetite in conjunction with liposuction could make a big difference for my insecurity (double chin), and he was absolutely correct. I’m so much more confident, and I feel like a whole new person.”

Ready to give your face the transformation you’ve always wanted? Let us guide you through your options at AW Plastic Surgery. Reach out to us here for a consultation on minimally invasive procedures like FaceTite. We’re ready to help you achieve a happier, more confident life with tighter, more contoured skin.