Demystifying Dermaplaning: We Bust the 5 Biggest Myths on this Painless Procedure

Demystifying Dermaplaning: We Bust the 5 Biggest Myths on this Painless Procedure

Forget the scary stories you’ve heard! This safe, pain-free procedure will help you regain your glow and feel great about how you look.


In this age of easy self-diagnosis, it’s hard to dispel health care facts from myths, and skincare and treatments are no exception. If you’ve used the internet to try and get information on certain treatments or procedures, you understand that it can often be tricky to extract the truth from social media gossip, untrustworthy sources, and vindictive reviews.

While you may have seen videos, read reviews, or heard some troubling stories about dermaplaning, Tracy Thaden, AW team’s resident dermaplaning expert, is here to dispel the myths and to provide you with all the info you need about this affordable, safe, and painless procedure that will leave you refreshed and looking great.


The Down-Low on Dermaplaning

We’re all familiar with exfoliation treatments containing salicylic acid, fruit enzymes and salt crystals. But, did you know that Dermaplaning is also an exfoliation treatment? It works by scraping off the top layer of skin using a sharp, but small dermaplaning blade. Patients have compared the sensation to having a credit card glide across the surface of their face (cha-ching!).

Dermaplaning has numerous benefits beyond just gently removing dead skin cells. In fact, it can:

  • Remove superficial hairs or “peach fuzz”
  • Remove the dull, obstructive, dead skin barrier
  • Smooth the skin’s surface
  • Help to repair and restore dull, dry skin
  • Help to repair sun-damaged skin
  • Allow for better absorption of skin care products
  • Allow for easier application and absorption of make-up

Myth #1: It’s Painful

The idea of a sharp blade skating across your face is understandably unsettling. But there’s no need to worry! Dermaplaning is a completely painless process. The dermaplaning blades utilized by the professionals on staff at AW are sterilized, surgical-grade tools that are specially designed to make the process as safe and painless as possible. In fact, dermaplaning is painless compared to other hair removal treatments such as waxing and lasering.

Myth #2: It Promotes Hair Growth

We’ve all heard it and we think it’s time to put this old wive’s tale to bed once and for all: it’s not true that if you remove hair with a blade, or on a recurring basis, it grows back thicker, or even darker. Contrary to many widespread myths, dermaplaning does not promote, stimulate, or affect hair growth in any way. After your treatment, the only regrowth you’ll experience will be the same as what you had before as we don’t disturb the root. As Tracy likes to say: You can only grow the hair you have!

Myth #3: This Means No More Makeup!

Another popular misconception about dermaplaning is that the procedure can inhibit the application of foundation, concealer, primer and creams. In fact, the opposite is true! When we’ve completed your dermaplaning procedure, we’ll apply a special moisturizer to your skin. With the top layer of facial hair and dead skin removed, your skin actually has a better base palette for the application of makeup and product. Plus, it gives your face an extra glow!

Myth #4: It Can Be Done at Home

Many websites and makeup blogs tout the fact that dermaplaning can be done with your own set of speciality blades in the comfort of your own home. Don’t believe the hype! Dermaplaning should only be done by a professional in a sterile environment. Dermaplaning your own face can result in uneven results and put you at risk of both injury and infection. Yuck!

Myth #5: It’s Expensive & Time Consuming

There are claims that the process takes several hours, and as a result, is considerably costly. In fact, a reasonably priced dermaplaning session with the experts here at AW can be incorporated into another treatment and only lasts an hour. The brevity of the process means you can have your skin looking and feeling great and still have the rest of your day to yourself! That’s why we’ve nicknamed it “the lunch hour treatment.”