How to Pamper Yourself After Cosmetic Surgery

How to Pamper Yourself After Cosmetic Surgery

Each cosmetic surgery has its own special healing process and rules on what you should and should not do after surgery. Instead of concentrating on the deficits, here are some tips on how to make your healing process more like a vacation.

Congratulations! You’ve put yourself first and made the first step in your cosmetic surgery journey. But, what about the recovery phase? Of course you’re excited to see the results, but taking time to heal is crucial. Patience is a virtue for any invasive cosmetic procedure, particularly surgery. You don’t need to stay in bed or holed up without human interaction, however, you should take care of yourself and give your body what it needs to heal. Your body is a wondrous machine, capable of repairing itself with proper care and nutrition. Along with time and attention, the results of your cosmetic surgery will soon be ready for the big reveal.

For now? Just sit back, relax, and use this time as a mini staycation. You’ll be back to your normal life soon enough!

Take It Slow

After the busy-ness of the holidays, now’s the perfect time to slow down. Since you are also recovering from cosmetic surgery, use this time to relax and unwind. Binge on Netflix shows, get lost in a good book, or make a family photo album. Many of our patients like to pass the time by playing online games and puzzles, too.

Reconnect With Old Friends

There’s nothing like a reunion to have you wishing for days gone by. While you may not be up for a video call right away, catching up with people you haven’t spoken to in a long time is good for the soul. Text or email family and friends, schedule a phone call, or invite a faraway friend to play an interactive game online.

Reinvent Happy Hour

After an indulgent holiday season, many people choose to cut back on alcohol and heavy foods early on in the new year. We agree that this kind of detox is a good idea for any healthy body. These vices often result in bloating, acne, skin dullness, and weight gain. While you recover from an investment in your face or body, why not boost your reserves with some nourishment, too? Enjoy mocktails or sparkling water with sliced fruit, fresh veggies and tzatziki dip, soup in shot glasses, or spiced nuts. The healthy options are endless and you won’t feel you’re missing out!

Spa Day at Home

Take the time to really pamper yourself with a DIY spa day. Dry brushing is known to improve circulation and stimulate blood vessels while exfoliating dead skin cells. Fill a warm bath with epsom salts to naturally detox the body while you slip in and relax. Apply a soothing face mask while you soak and read some extra chapters in a book or listen to a podcast. Check out our full line of clinically proven, medical-grade skincare products from Skinceuticals, Dermaceutic, and SENTÉ and enjoy quality products on your own time.

How will you plan to make the most of your post surgery recovery? Reach out to us here so we can book you for a consultation so you can look and feel your best in the new year.