Nerd Alert! The Science Behind How Morpheus8 Fixes Acne Scarring, Enlarged Pores and More

Technology has drastically increased the number of non-surgical skincare treatment options we’ve been able to offer over the years at AW Plastic Surgery. Today’s range of futuristic skincare treatments rejuvenates skin like never before. 

We’ve been getting more questions at our Portsmouth, NH practice about Morpheus8, one of our newest skincare practice additions. Noticing this trend in a recent office meeting, we thought it would be fun to put a blog post together about the cool science that makes it work. We’ll tell you why collagen is so important to skin health and appearance and take you through Morpheus8’s unique method of combining two powerful and natural healing processes to rejuvenate and restore your skin’s youthful appearance.

Collagen, the Building Blocks of Beautiful Skin

You’ve probably heard that proteins are the building blocks of life. Protein molecules are essential to the structure and function of your body, and the majority of it exists in the form of collagen.  Collagen holds your body together, and it’s present in enormous amounts in your skin.  

Collagen supports both skin health and volume, but as we age our bodies produce less. With less of this building block, our skin wrinkles. Prolonged exposure to UV light such as sun damage and environmental factors like tobacco smoke and pollution also depletes collagen.

Morpheus8 is a handheld device that’s used to stimulate collagen production and pull skin tighter. It does so by creating a barely noticeable, superficial wound with microneedling and stimulating collagen production through healing and heat energy delivered via radiofrequency. 

How Microneedling Helps Smooth and Reinforce Your Skin

Microneedling has been around as a minimally invasive skincare treatment for decades that’s comfortable for nearly all patients. Its ultrafine microneedles create superficial skin punctures which put your body’s natural healing process into motion. The treatment is used in isolation to tighten skin and make it firmer, and it can be beneficial for improving the appearance of certain types of scarring, including acne scarring. Microneedling is most effective on scarring where there are depressions, because that means there’s an absence of sufficient collagen below the surface of the skin.  

How Subdermal Heat Created through Radiofrequency is Used to Remodel Your Skin

Because of its ability to penetrate barriers, radiofrequency is used in many everyday devices, such as TV remotes.  Morpheus8 delivers highly focused radiofrequency energy just below the skin’s surface and raise the temperature to reshape structures below your skin’s surface. The results will include smoother, sleeker skin, and because Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency instead of lasers, it’s effective for nearly every skin tone. 

How Morpheus8 Combines Microneedling and Radiofrequency to Restore Beautiful Skin

Morpheus8 is a handheld device shaped like a hairdryer. It uses 24 microneedles arranged in the shape of a square to penetrate the skin about 2mm-6mm in your desired treatment area. There, it sends bursts of radiofrequency energy to the perfect depth. Considered a subdermal adipose remodeling device, or SARD, it can be used for anti-aging benefits, to reduce the appearance of scarring, and help the skin appear full and smooth. 

Want to Discover the Benefits of Morpheus8 Facial and Body Contouring Treatments for You?

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