BioTE Hormone Therapy

BioTE Hormone Therapy in Portsmouth, NH With Dr. Anthony Wilson

Hormones play a critical role in regulating critical functions of your body, from your moods to bone and muscle strength to your sleep cycle. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies’ production of some hormones falls, and this can lead to hormonal imbalances — in both men and women.

At AW Plastic Surgery we are pleased to provide BioTE hormone replacement therapy, a long-lasting method of delivering a customized dose of naturally-derived hormones. It’s an easy and effective way to replenish the hormones in your body and get back to feeling your youthful and energetic best.

Dr. Anthony Wilson is a board-certified plastic surgeon. Contact AW Plastic Surgery in Portsmouth, NH, today to schedule a consultation with his team and learn whether BioTE hormone therapy might be the solution for you.

What Is BioTE Hormone Therapy?

BioTE is a unique form of hormone replacement treatment that uses tiny pellets (smaller than a grain of rice) placed beneath the skin to release a steady dose of the hormones you need. Unlike pills or creams, which you must remember to use every day, BioTE treatments are given just once every few months. That gives you less to think about and ensures that your hormones stay in constant balance.

BioTE uses bioidentical hormones in its therapy — estrogen and testosterone derived from natural plant sources that have the same chemical structures as the hormones in your body. The specific concentrations of hormones in your BioTE treatment are customized to your needs, based on the results of blood tests.

What Are the Benefits of BioTE Hormone Therapy?

BioTE hormone therapy corrects hormone imbalances in your body in a way that’s easy for you to manage, without having to remember daily doses. It eliminates the risk of “roller coaster” hormone swings that can come from missing a daily dose or from peaks and valleys that can be caused by periodic hormone injections. The absorption based on cardiac output from the BioTE pellets ensures a constant hormone balance. You will need just 2 to 4 pellet insertions a year.

Many patients are also reassured by the natural source of these hormones. They are derived from yams and soybeans rather than synthetically manufactured. The resulting hormones are chemically identical to the hormones you create in your own body.

Finally, the treatment is effective in relieving symptoms of hormone imbalance, whether from menopause in women, aging in men, or another endocrine problem. These symptoms can include exhaustion, anxiety, irritability, foggy thinking, weight gain, low libido, depression, and sleep disturbances.

Am I a Good Candidate for BioTE?

The symptoms of hormone imbalance are different for men and women. As a first step, Dr. Wilson will order a comprehensive blood panel to analyze the hormone levels in your system. Based on the results, he can tell you whether your symptoms are likely caused by a hormone imbalance and whether treatment with BioTE therapy might be helpful.

Hormone imbalance in women is often, but not always, related to menopause. Symptoms can include:

  • Mood swings
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Night sweats
  • Hot flashes
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Low sex drive
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of bone density
  • Increased body fat
  • Thinning hair
  • Incontinence

Symptoms of hormone imbalance in men can include:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Foggy thinking
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Mood changes
  • Low sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Loss of bone density
  • Increased body fat
  • Thinning hair

How Does BioTE Hormone Therapy Work?

The first step in BioTE hormone therapy is a blood test to determine the hormone levels in your body. Based on the results, customized pellets are formulated to deliver the specific concentrations of hormones you need.

Once the pellets have been prepared, you will come back to the AW Plastic Surgery office for their insertion. An area of skin, usually on the upper portion of the buttocks, will be numbed with an anesthetic. The pellets are then inserted through a tiny incision and placed just beneath the fatty lining of your skin. The incision is closed with sterile tape. The procedure takes just a few minutes. You will be given a local anesthetic so you don’t feel the incision or insertion.

You’ll begin to feel the effects of the treatment after 2 to 4 weeks, as the pellets gradually dissolve and the hormones slowly work through your body, though it can take up to 6 months to experience the full results of the treatment. New pellets will need to be inserted, using the same procedure, every 3 to 6 months.

Questions and Answers

No. You’ll have an initial blood test to determine your hormone needs before the treatment, then another test 4 to 8 weeks after the pellets are inserted to monitor the dosage. The need for blood tests after that varies from person to person and is dependent on the symptoms you are experiencing.

You will be given instructions to protect the small incision from infection until it has healed, which will be a matter of a few days. Some types of exercise, like walking, will be OK, but you’ll need to avoid strenuous activity. Showers will be fine, but until the bandage is removed you’ll be instructed to avoid baths and swimming.

The bioidentical estrogen and testosterone hormones used in the treatment have been tested and approved by the FDA as safe and effective. The customized formulation of the pellets is regulated by the states in which they are prepared.

Fewer side effects have been found with BioTE therapy than with other types of hormone replacement therapy because the dose is released into the body slowly and evenly. When they occur, the side effects are felt as the treatment is just beginning and usually go away as the body adjusts to the changing hormone levels. These side effects can include acne, headaches, increased facial hair (in women), tiredness, mood swings, and weight gain.

Yes. Dr. Wilson’s team can use the blood test results to determine your hormone needs even if you are on birth control.

Yes. It is a simple matter to transition from another form of hormone therapy, such as creams, patches, or pills, to BioTE therapy.

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