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Full Facial Resurfacing Options - AW Plastic Surgery

Full facial resurfacing is the best way to treat deep wrinkles, fine wrinkles , dilated pores and pigmentation changes associated with aging and sun exposure.  At AW plastic surgery we utilize an effective treatment known as the Phenol Peel or Hetter Type Peel.

What Is a Phenol Peel?

Phenol peel is a well-known treatment for significant aging and scarring conditions of the skin. The Hetter type phenol peel is composed of phenol and croton oil and in the correct combinations results in deep penetration of the skin for a complete resurfacing. Older forms of phenol peels (non-hetter type) were associated with significant whitening of the skin. This is no longer as much of a concern given the corrected concentrations of peel components.  

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Anthony Wilson, MD, FACS has vast experience performing facial, body, and reconstructive procedures. After receiving an undergraduate degree from Harvard University and completing training with a medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Wilson has continued to improve his technique to ensure the best results possible. Learn More about Anthony Wilson, MD, FACS and why you should choose the Board-Certified plastic surgeon for your next procedure in the Seacoast Region.

Who Is a Candidate for Phenol Peel?

Patients who want a drastic change in the quality of their skin who have fair skin types are candidates for this treatment.  Patients with the ability to take two weeks downtime are candidates for the procedure.

How Is the Phenol Peel Done?

At AW Plastic Surgery, we believe strict pre-treatment and post-treatment protocols will lead to the best results from a Phenol peel. Patients considering a Phenol peel must start a preparatory process six weeks prior to the treatment. This preparatory process consists of specially combined agents to minimize risks associated with deep peels. Patients who have confirmed their treatment plan also undergo a preparatory no-downtime skin treatment with our esthetician to evaluate the preparedness of the skin. After the preparatory process the treatment is performed in the office or under general anesthesia in the operating room.

Patients who are booked for their peel can find instructions and product recommendation here.

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What Is the Recovery for a Phenol Peel?

True social downtime for a phenol peel is two weeks. After this the skin continues to heal for approximately 6 months and the final result is usually appreciated at that time.

What are Alternatives to this treatment?

Patients that cannot afford significant downtime can elect other forms of treatment for their skin. This includes TCA type peels or FRAX 1550 treatments. A consultation with one of our providers can guide you in the best direction.