Do you have sagging cheeks or jowls? Loss of volume and skin laxity are two of the main contributors to a tired and aged appearance. If you have these concerns but are not yet ready for a procedure as invasive as a facelift, you may be interested in the new Silhouette InstaLift. This procedure is minimally invasive, takes only 45 minutes in our offices, and requires no downtime. The best part? Your results will be instant and can last for up to 18 months. Want to see if the InstaLift is right for you? Here is everything you need to know about this cutting-edge procedure.

What is a Silhouette InstaLift?

The Silhouette InstaLift is the newest innovation in minimally invasive facelifts. It involves very fine biodegradable sutures that are placed deep into the skin so the surgeon can reposition sagging skin and tissue to a higher place on the face. This results in a younger, lifted appearance with more volume. The FDA has approved the procedure for the midface, making it ideal for those with sagging cheek or jowl areas. The sutures act as a sort of scaffolding for soft tissues, and they also stimulate the body’s own collagen production. The sutures will naturally be absorbed by the body in approximately 18 months

What Does the Silhouette InstaLift Process Look Like?

The InstaLift procedure is relatively quick and involves very little discomfort. Done in the doctor’s office, it usually takes approximately 45 minutes and requires no incisions or anesthesia. To help keep you comfortable, the surgeon will inject lidocaine locally into the areas where the sutures will be placed. There is only one entry point needed for each thin filament to be placed and there is absolutely no cutting or stitches involved. After the sutures are placed, you will see instant results and be ready to resume your normal schedule. You may experience some redness, swelling, or bruising after the procedure, but this should be minimal and can easily be covered by makeup. To limit bruising, avoid alcohol for a week prior to your procedure, stop taking any medications that could thin the blood, and ensure you schedule your procedure with an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Wilson.

Good Candidates for the Silhouette InstaLift

The InstaLift is a great option for those who are experiencing signs of aging but who are not yet ready for a full facelift. Our staff has found that the best candidates for the procedure are men and women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who are in good overall health and who have lower face sagging or facial folds around their mouth or jaw or running from their nose to the corner of their mouth. Those with good skin elasticity and quality with a strong underlying bone structure generally see the best results from the InstaLift. Men and women with little underlying fat, poor facial volume, or advanced signs of aging on their faces are usually directed toward a different procedure that will produce better results.

Results from the Silhouette InstaLift

It’s important to have reasonable expectations for the results of your InstaLift. Those who have the procedure will see reduced sagging and fewer lines on their face as well as increased definition. They can expect these results to last for around 18 months. After that time, the sutures will be naturally absorbed by the body, and the natural signs of aging will appear. At this time, you can have another consultation with a surgeon to see if another InstaLift is appropriate or if you should consider a different procedure.

Your Silhouette InstaLift Consultation

There’s only one way to find out if the Silhouette InstaLift is the right procedure for you! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Wilson today to learn more about this revolutionary procedure, ask any questions you may have, and receive an evaluation. Dr. Wilson will walk you through the process, examine your skin, go over your health history, and help you decide if the InstaLift will be a safe and effective procedure for you. A specialist in the management of facial aging, Dr. Wilson has worked with hundreds of patients and has the experience and knowledge to guide you to the best procedure for your unique needs. Call Dr. Wilson today to schedule a consultation.