Top 3 Reasons Portsmouth Women Are Choosing Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Autologous fat transfer, or fat grafting as it is often called, has created a range of new solutions for plastic surgeons working in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. One of the hotter trends on the cosmetic side of plastic surgery at our Portsmouth, NH practice has been using fat transfer for breast augmentations instead of traditional silicone or saline implants. 

There is a sea of influencers and celebrities on social media, making fat transfer breast augmentations popular. There are also some very simple, practical reasons why there’s a shift in patients opting for fat grafting over more invasive breast augmentation surgeries. In this post, we’ll discuss the top 3 reasons why we see more women choosing fat transfer breast augmentations than ever before.

What is Fat Grafting?

We could write several blog posts about the amazing science behind fat grafting, but to put it simply, fat grafting is taking fat cells from areas where you normally have extra flab and transferring them to areas where you want more volume. Common donor sites for fat grafting include:

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Belly
  • Flanks (fat above your midsection on your back)

In cosmetic surgery, patients who have a fat grafting procedure usually use fat cells to accentuate the curvature of their breast and buttocks. For breast enhancement, there are several benefits of using autologous fat transfer instead of implants if you’re looking for a small to medium increase in breast size or volume. Additionally, some newer fat transfer breast augmentation methods include a pre-expansion technique that allows larger increases in breast size.

A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Can Address Two Issues at Once

A fat transfer breast augmentation combines two of the most common plastic surgery procedures requested each year: a breast enhancement and liposuction. It’s pretty easy to see why most patients are ecstatic, too, when we tell them we can make their breasts look better and melt away a little extra pudge in an area that makes them self-conscious. 

Nearly everyone has stood in front of a mirror and pinched fat in an area where they’d rather not have it. With a fat transfer breast augmentation, we can move a portion of your excess body fat to create beautiful curves in your breasts. You may be shocked at how much this can boost your self-confidence and help you feel great in (and out) of your clothes.

Athletic Women Can Resume Working Out Sooner with Fat Grafting

Breasts are mammary glands surrounded by body fat, and many athletic women choose to have breast augmentation to enhance their feminine curves. This is because women who are extremely fit may lose much of the body fat that adds volume to their breasts. 

Whether you’re a performance athlete or just serious about your fitness routine, the recovery time that leaves you wanting to get back to exercising may be excruciating. The good news about fat transfer breast augmentation for athletic women is that the recovery time can be up to two-thirds shorter than a traditional breast augmentation with implants.

You Can Get Back to Work Sooner after a Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting

It can be a difficult fact of life that the way you look and feel about yourself has a profound impact on your success in the workplace. A study at the University of Texas at Austin by an economist, for example, found that a handsome man will earn almost 15% more in his life than someone who is not considered as attractive. 

Just like any other cosmetic procedure, professional reasons can be a common driving force behind the decision to have a breast augmentation. One of the common reasons our working professional patients in Portsmouth select a fat transfer breast augmentation over implants is to reduce the amount of time they must away from the job while ensuring beautiful, natural-looking results. Patients who have implants often wait at least two weeks before returning to work, sometimes longer if their job is more physical. Patients who opt for a fat transfer can often go back to work within 4-5 days.

Do You Think A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is Right for You?

Autologous fat transfer can be a very cost-effective, minimally invasive alternative for women who don’t need or necessarily want saline or silicone breast implants. Fat transfer enhancement has a short recovery time, and it’s an attractive and safe approach for most patients. 

If you’d like to talk about breast augmentation with Dr. Anthony Wilson of AW Plastic Surgery, a board-certified, Ivy League trained plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with our team of breast enhancement experts. 

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