How to Care For Your Skin After a Facelift

Getting a facelift is a big deal, and it often comes with high expectations. You’ve likely tried all the potions, creams, and non-invasive treatments to help your skin look and act young. While these solutions do work to an extent, a facelift is truly the one procedure that does it all for tightening loose, aging skin. Also known as rhytidectomy, today, a facelift can offer a nuanced and subtle approach to looking younger.

At AW Plastic Surgery, we love seeing our patients transformed after their cosmetic surgery. We also recognize that choosing to undergo plastic surgery is a physical, emotional, and financial investment. People simply want to look like how they feel on the inside. Dr. Wilson and his team are well-skilled in helping patients match their outer appearance to their inner beauty. They notice that many patients use this experience to make long-term lifestyle changes that make them happier and healthier. In this post, we’re going to focus on the facelift procedure, and share our top five healthy tips for keeping your skin tight and smooth during and post-recovery.

Healthy Skin Reflects A Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is the cornerstone of good skin care. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” and your skin will always reap the rewards of a well-rounded, nutritious diet. Your body gets its building blocks from high-quality, nutritious foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If you want youthful-looking skin that glows, eating foods like salmon, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, and avocados will boost your skin during your facelift recovery and beyond. These foods also help reduce inflammation, which in turn help with swelling and puffiness.

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Get Your Rest 

Another great tip when it comes to skincare is making sure you’re getting your rest. “Beauty sleep” is real, and it’s especially important during your facelift recovery and in the months after. Inadequate sleep causes spikes in the stress hormone cortisol, which plays a significant role in weight gain, inflammation, and swelling. Plus, reducing stress will benefit you in the long haul and help you handle life’s daily challenges better. In short: If you want healthy, smooth skin, make sure you’re getting enough shut-eye.

No Smoking Zone

It goes without saying that using tobacco in any form is bad news when it comes to healthy skin. Smoking makes your lungs work harder to deliver oxygen to the blood, depriving your skin of the necessary nutrients. This often leads to uneven skin tone and discoloration. What’s more, toxic substances in tobacco hinders the production of collagen, which zaps your skin of its elasticity.
Vaping isn’t much better. While you’re not getting the full damaging effects of smoke inhalation and tar, there is not enough long-term data to determine its safety. To reap the full benefits of your facelift procedure, we recommend that our clients stay away from both smoking and vaping.

Sun Protection All Year Round

Nothing beats kicking back with a pair of sunglasses on, digging your toes in the sand, and feeling the sun’s warmth on your face. But if you’ve spent any time in our office, you know our take on sun protection – it’s an absolute must! We tell our patients that wearing a minimum of SPF 15 year-round is important.

Yes, the rule applies even during overcast days. Just because it’s cloudy doesn’t mean that UV rays aren’t making their way to your skin. Even minimal unprotected exposure adds up over time. The one thing that you can control in your quest to maintain a youthful appearance is wearing sunscreen! If you’re getting a facelift, make sure you always carry sunscreen to keep your skin protected from UV rays.

Make Water Your Skin’s Best Friend

You already know how important water is for a healthy body – especially when it comes to having healthy-looking skin. (In fact, one of the main ingredients in many dermal fillers is hyaluronic acid, which has the amazing ability to attract and retain water.) All to say, if you want your skin to look tight, plump and smooth, remember to stay well-hydrated. Pay special attention to how much water you’re consuming after your facelift, and make it a habit to drink no less than two liters (about 8 glasses) a day. What’s more, make sure to fill your diet with nutrient-packed foods to help your body heal.

Partner With Portsmouth’s Leading Plastic Surgeon For Your Facelift

Thinking about getting a facelift means you’re ready to enjoy lifted, smooth, and youthful skin without spending lots of time on treatments. The best part about getting a facelift is having long-lasting results with little to no maintenance. Choosing a surgeon who is well-skilled in modern facelift techniques will ensure that you’re getting a natural-looking procedure that makes the most of your facial structure and natural features. Dr. Wilson is board-certified in facelift surgery and will work with you to determine if you’re best suited for full facial rejuvenation or a “mini” facelift for moderate aging.

While your facial muscles settle and the swelling subsides, proper care and healing will go a long way to satisfying results. Additionally, staying hydrated, eating healthy, and other good habits will also help your body heal and assist you during recovery. Giving your body what it needs nutritionally helps it rebuild healthy tissue and essential structural proteins such as collagen and elastin.

Are you thinking about what a mini or full facelift can do for your anti-aging journey? Schedule time with Dr. Anthony Wilson at AW Plastic Surgery for a consultation. Dr. Wilson and his team have guided hundreds of patients through the various stages of facelift surgery.

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