Ear Surgery

Ear Surgery with Dr. Anthony Wilson in Portsmouth, NH

Ear surgery corrects prominent ears and ears injured from trauma. Adults and children with prominent ears are candidates for this procedure. The cause of a prominent ear is either an absence of the ear fold (the helix) or jutting out of the base of the ear. Ear surgery aims to correct one or, often times, both of these causes.

Patients considering correction of a prominent ear or injured earlobes will first see Dr. Wilson in consultation. During this consultation, Dr. Wilson will determine the most appropriate approach for correction of the ear. Following this consultation, a date for surgery is set. Surgery can be performed either under general or local anesthesia (without sedation). Children should wait until approximately 7 – 9 years of age before corrective surgery is performed. Typically children undergo surgery during the summer months.

Postoperative care is critical following surgery to correct prominent ears. Patients must avoid contact sports for six weeks. Patients will also need to wear protective bands over the ears for two months at night. This is to protect the ear from any trauma.

At AW plastic surgery we make every effort to protect the privacy of our patients. Before and after photographs are available at the time of consultation.

I love the team at AW Plastic Surgery always warm and welcoming. Dr Wilson is amazing, he is always patient, willing to listen and make recommendations based on the most current technology and treatments available. I highly recommend Dr Wilson and his entire staff for anyone wanting to look their best.

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