Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin Cancer Reconstruction with Dr. Anthony Wilson

Dr. Wilson and his team work closely with local dermatologists to provide comprehensive skin cancer treatment and reconstruction.

What Is the Process for Skin Cancer Reconstruction?

A dermatologist typically removes facial skin cancer using advanced techniques of MOHs micrographic surgery. This method results in the smallest possible defect. Dr. Wilson will examine the site of the cancer removal and determine the best technique for the reconstruction. This reconstruction is typically done the day following the initial removal. At times the reconstruction is done immediately following the removal in the evening. Patients requiring sedation for larger reconstructions and those patients who elect for sedation will be done in an outpatient surgical setting. Patients will small excisions are candidates for reconstruction the day of the initial procedure in the office setting.

The excision site is treated in one of three ways. If the site is small and in an area with sufficient skin mobility, Dr. Wilson will perform a layered linear closure much like other excision sites. If the site is larger or there is insufficient tissue such as areas near the eyes or nose, Dr. Wilson will perform either a local flap, where tissue is transferred from the immediate vicinity, or a skin graft, where tissue is transferred from a distant area. The decision to perform a skin graft or flap closure is dependent on the location of the site as well as patient preference.

For patients undergoing closure in the operating room it is essential that you do not eat or drink after midnight the night prior to your procedure.

Post-Operative Care

Please see our patient documents section for post-operative instructions.

Scar Therapy

For management of postoperative scars, Dr. Wilson and his team recommend Biocorneum scar gel. In cases where scars are pink following the procedure laser therapy may be indicated. In most cases, this laser is not covered by insurance plans. All other components of skin cancer reconstruction are covered by insurance.

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