Fat Grafting

Using Natural Fat for Breast Augmentation in Portsmouth, NH

Natural breast augmentation with fat is an option for patients interested in a small increase in their bust size without the use of an implant. Fat grafting involves the removal of fat from the abdomen, hips and waist through liposuction and transfer of that fat directly to the breast.

A consultation with Dr. Wilson will help determine whether or not you are a candidate for this procedure. Good candidates often have adequate donor tissue in addition to reasonable expectations regarding bust increase. Fat grafting does not replace standard breast augmentation with implants. Patients who desire a significant increase in size of their breasts will benefit most from implant augmentation or combination of fat grafting and implants.

How Does Fat Grafting Work?

Patients who choose fat grafting undergo a combination of liposuction and transfer of the fat to the breasts. This is done at the same time during the same procedure. Following fat transfer, approximately 40 – 60 percent of the transferred fat stays in the breast.

Dr. Wilson is a new gifted and artistic who has positively impacted my life. After developing a painful contracture in my second set of Breast implants, I had them surgically removed because I did not want any complications from these foreign objects. I was devastated with my appearance after removal, but Dr. Wilson performed a fat transfer to my breasts and they are now perfect. I highly recommend this brilliant and talented surgeon to any woman who is seeking alternatives to foreign objects. He was also very compassionate and genuine through the entire process. Gifted is an understatement to describe his talent!!

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