EmSculpt in Portsmouth

Although body sculpting procedures are the rage, especially those that don’t involve surgery, some individuals want more than just eliminating excess fat cells. Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Wilson is proud to offer ground-breaking technology which not only reduces fat in all the wrong places but firms muscle tone to give his patients the appearance of spending hours in the gym.

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What is EmSculpt?

This state-of-the-art, FDA cleared technology uses high-intensity electromagnetic energy to initiate supramaximal contractions which are not possible with voluntary muscle action. It is effective in improving muscle tone, strengthening and toning the abdomen, and firming the buttocks with no downtime.

EmSculpt is the most recent of multiple non-invasive body shaping systems but with the added benefit of toning muscle. When added to a healthy lifestyle, a firm, fit, and sexy body is much easier to maintain. This duality sets the revolutionary treatment apart boasting a 19% loss of fat cells (four treatments) while concurrently building muscle fibers by 16%.

How Does EmSculpt Work?

How Does EmSculpt Work?

The science behind EmSclupt is its ability to cause 20,000 muscle contraction in about a half-hour, triggering the muscles to constrict well beyond the point of the physiological norm. It also focuses fat loss to the area of the tissue – not possible by situps or crunches! While the muscles are experiencing these intense pulses, they release local chemicals which are signaling that they are overworked.

Next, they alert the fat cells in the target site to break down and release free fatty acids. This action overwhelms the fat cells causing their eventual demise; afterward, they metabolize, and the body disposes of their remains naturally. The muscle then undergoes a cellular change, strengthening and thickening in the treatment areas.

EmSculpt Results

Compared to other non-surgical, non-invasive body contouring devices, EmSculpt offers rapid results with a visible improvement in as few as one session. Four sessions within a few days apart are the recommended treatments with your fantastic figure coming into view four weeks after your final session. Your outcome can be compared to that of dieting and exercising for six months.

For the buttocks, there is a separate treatment protocol. This particular procedure aims to increase the gluteal muscle to a perky, round result without destroying the necessary fat that adds to a shapely derriere. Although treatments are effective, they are also highly tolerable much like a strenuous workout. The only difference is your lying down the entire time, not panting or sweating in a smelly gym.

EmSculpt Treatment Sessions

The 30-minute abdominal protocol consists of three phases. The first two are similar, with the intensity of the second increasing from a few hundred pulses per minute to a few thousand. Impulse speeds are adjustable based on the patient’s tolerability and preference. Muscle can be seen moving beneath the skin, much like a child in a mothers womb. Although there may be some discomfort, there is no more than what you feel during a hard session in the gym.

The third phase of the protocol is the most bearable with the pulses slowing down considerably, like a cool down after a workout. This part of the session will flush out lactic acid and other toxins associated with overworked muscles ensuring they don’t build up. It also eliminates the discomfort, and soreness felt after an energetic workout.

EmSculpt Candidates

People who are excellent candidates for this new technology are those who want to look, slim, sleek, and fit. They include:

  • Those not happy with their current body tone
  • Have excess fat in the abdominal area
  • Look to lift and tone buttocks
  • Are more comfortable with non-invasive procedures
  • Want a safe treatment with long-lasting results

Dr. Wilson asks his patients to be within 35 pounds of their healthy weight before considering EmSculpt as a body sculpting option.

EmSculpt Target Areas

The treatment is useful in improving muscle definition and reducing fat in the abdominal area. Emsculpt can also increase muscle tone in the buttocks area without removing the fat necessary for a round robust buttocks. It is the only non-invasive butt lift. 

Dr. Wilson and his staff are amazing and I can’t thank them enough for helping me be a more confident version of myself! They are so patient and helpful, I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Why Dr. Wilson

Our board-certified plastic surgeon is committed to the Portsmouth community in offering aesthetic improvement, which will increase confidence and self-esteem. He offers a selection of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help his patients look and feel their best. If you are looking to improve your appearance and your quality of life, call us to schedule a consultation today!

EmSculpt FAQs

Because it’s the worlds first and only non-surgical, non-invasive body sculpting treatment to build muscle and burn fat simultaneously. It also is the world first non-invasive butt-lift procedure.

Just about anyone can benefit from EmSculpt. If you are looking to improve muscle tone and reduce body fat, call us today.

It is a painless treatment which can be compared to a strenuous workout.

One session lasts about a half-hour. We schedule each about two or three days apart with four sessions the recommended regimen.

There is no downtime or recovery. Also, there is no pre-treatment preparation or post-treatment instructions.

EmSculpt has been clinically tested for efficacy and safety by seven independent clinical studies in the United States.

You will see and feel tangible results after your first treatment. Best results are realized four weeks after your last session and will continue to improve for several weeks after.

Simply contact us today and schedule a consultation.

To schedule an EmSculpt 603-294-4526 consultation call or contact us today