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Here at AW Plastic Surgery, we understand that your skin needs the best if you want to maintain your youthful, energized appearance. Our experts have specially chosen some of the leading skincare treatments that we believe to be the very best on the market.

SENTÉ®, Skinceuticals®, and Dermaceutic® are clinically proven, medical-grade skincare lines that have changed the lives of many of our patients in Portsmouth, NH! Because of their potency, these are only available with a prescription from a highly qualified Doctor, like Dr. Anthony Wilson. We invite you to learn more by reading on, or by scheduling an appointment with our team today!


A ground-breaking line of products, SENTÉ looks to continually develop their skincare products to bring their patients the best medically-based skincare solutions on the market. SENTÉ is the only skincare company that offers HAS (Heparan Sulfate Analog), a revolutionary hydrating serum. Be sure to visit their online store to learn more about their amazing products.


Dermaceutic Laboratoire supplies high-performance cosmeceuticals to reliable medical practitioners like Dr. Wilson. One of the very first laboratories to develop Hyaluronic Acid, which is now a staple in the skincare industry, Dermaceutic has made an immense impact on the field of skincare. Their scientific formulas are prescription-only, but they are available for purchase through our team of experts. Follow the link below to learn more about the fantastic benefits of Dermaceutic skincare products.