AW Plastic Surgery Experts Share their Favorite Treatments

At AW Plastic Surgery, we are lucky to have a wonderful team of medical professionals with years of experience and unmatched expertise in their fields. That’s because Dr. Anthony Wilson is a strong believer in hiring the best talent to care for our patients and help them achieve their desired aesthetic goals.

Meet two of our experts and specialists, Rossli and Michelle, who’ve honed the art of subtle beauty over the years. Together, they’ve been helping our patients turn back time and find solace in cosmetic procedures – making them feel more refreshed, radiant and confident. Here, they share their favorite, tried-and-true treatments and what their clients love the most out of our extensive roster of services!

Get to know Rossli Delorey

Rossli has been a valued Nurse Practitioner in our Portsmouth, New Hampshire, practice for three years. Patients love her for several reasons. For starters, during consultations, she offers a wealth of knowledge on various procedures – from plastic surgery to laser treatments – and makes sure that every patient receives the absolute best results. 

Rossli loves treating patients with the skillful care and precision she learned from training with the National Laser Institute for cosmetic lasers and injectables. Prior to her time at AW Plastic Surgery, she owned her own business as a Nurse Practitioner and was the medical director at a medspa. During that time, she came to know Dr. Wilson and shared her thoughts of growing in her career. He became a mentor, and when the timing was right, approached her about joining his growing practice. 

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Get to know Michelle Raffin

Michelle joined AW in 2020 as a Registered Nurse but has known the quality of Dr. Wilson’s work for much longer. She first met him while working alongside his mentors as a plastic surgery nurse at Penn Plastic Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania, where Dr. Wilson performed his medical residency. 

Michelle gained practical knowledge working in the industry and grew to love helping people become a newer version of themselves through plastic surgery. Eventually, she moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, with her husband. She spends her days at AW Plastic Surgery assisting with surgical procedures, and working closely with lasers and injectables.

Working Together for the Best Results

The duo describe their approach as honest, relatable, down to earth – and above all, transparent. Patients gravitate towards them for straight talk on how to stop the hands of time without having to undergo any unnecessary steps. When new patients come in, the team sits down for an extensive consultation, listening to their needs and wants, while educating them on what’s possible. They advise on a holistic self-care plan that may include fractional, non-ablative and fully ablative lasers, dermal fillers, and body contouring. Rossli and Michelle always work on a less-is-more approach and counsel patients based on where they are in their anti-aging journey.

“We truly enjoy helping people and making a difference to how they present themselves to the world.” – Rossli and Michelle

Dr. Wilson leans on Rossli and Michelle for intense pulsed light (IPL) laser treatments, which are well-loved by their many patients, yet tricky to perform. Being a qualified laser practitioner means rounds of education and certification to safely and successfully perform procedures – and both Rossli and Michelle have that expertise in spades. 

Plastic Surgery Insiders on their Favorite Treatments

Working at a top-notch plastic surgery practice has its perks. Rossli and Michelle are among the first to hear about new face and body treatments and get the inside scoop from the industry’s best vendors. They’ve also benefited from trying out new products and treatments to gauge their effectiveness. 

“With our cosmetic patients, I get to see first-hand how they become more confident and comfortable in their new bodies. Seeing them happy and confident makes my day.” – Michelle

It’s no surprise that they both rate Botox® as their No. 1 anti-aging treatment. With major muscle control power, the popular injectable is highly regarded as the first stop for patients wanting to stall the aging process – or prevent it from even starting. Rossli and Michelle love that their work has enabled them to take advantage of the procedure in their younger years to stave off the formation of wrinkles and maintain refreshed, plump skin. Also popular? Lip fillers with accompanying nasolabial fillers around the mouth to combat age-related deep creasing.

The most satisfying “look-younger” surgery the duo agree on is an upper lid blepharoplasty. As people age, they may start noticing skin laxity and droopiness around the eye area. Depending on the shape of the eye and its relation to the eye socket, this can make the eyelids heavy and saggy. “When patients heal from this surgery, they have a freshness and an awake look that was missing before,” Michelle says. “People may not know what’s different about them – just that they look better.” 

For skin resurfacing, Rossli and Michelle love the combined effect of the MOXI laser and Broad Band Light (BBL). “Hands down, MOXI is a fantastic laser with a strong wavelength that targets pigment from melasma and hyperpigmentation,” Rossli says. “It provides smoothness and polishing and is great for maintenance for those in the below-40 age range.” They both love this combination as it is effective for sun damage, smoothing out the skin and providing a polished, even look.

BBL is in the category of intense pulsed light (IPL), and is used as a photofacial for acne treatment, improving the appearance of scars, and laser hair removal. IPL uses a single, focused beam of light to target certain colors in the skin such as redness from rosacea, spider veins, rosacea, or cherry angiomas, as well as pigment from age spots and sun damage. It’s best for small, targeted areas, while BBL uses broad-spectrum light to heat multiple layers of skin and treat larger areas. What’s more, BBL is best for those with fair to medium skin with sun damage. When used together, MOXI works to even out pigmentation, while BBL brings color back to the skin’s surface. 

The ladies also love HALO, a newer laser to the practice that combines ablative and non-ablative wavelengths in one. The ablative laser targets the superficial layer of the skin, removing the surface layer to allow new skin to generate. The other wavelength penetrates deeper into the skin with heat that stimulates collagen production. This double whammy is something that patients love for its immediate results and minor downtime. 

Working closely together gives Rossli and Michelle insight into trending procedures and how to effectively counsel patients. They mention that encouraging those who are just starting to notice the aging process by taking preventative measures now means they’ll have less to spend on “fixing” any issues later. If patients are unsure of what they want or need, Rossli and Michelle offer a wealth of information on what might be the best choice for each person. 

These personal connections with patients, the groundbreaking skin and body treatments and the beautiful setting here in Portsmouth make the job fulfilling for all those who work at AW Plastic Surgery. Are you interested in scheduling time to talk with our top-notch nurses? Reach out to us here. We can’t wait to see you!