Is Feeling Beautiful Healthy for You?

Is Feeling Beautiful Healthy for You?

The saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” means that as individuals, we have our own perspectives on what beauty means. We sat down with Dr. Wilson to get his thoughts on the connection between inner and outer beauty, the importance of self-care, and how feeling beautiful can align with choosing cosmetic procedures.


What’s beautiful to one person may not resonate with the next. And what we’re feeling internally can certainly affect our outlook. Dr. Anthony Wilson with AW Plastic Surgery agrees with this notion and deals with it on a daily basis. We sat down to get his thoughts on the connection between inner and outer beauty.

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What Does Beauty Mean to You?

Beauty is really subjective and objective. The objective sense of beauty is fluid and based on society and cultural norms. Beauty for us is going to be very different from other parts of the world. Different body shapes are accepted and appreciated depending on where you live. Subjective beauty is personal to you. It’s fluid and dynamic and deals with how you see yourself and how you were raised. It’s also how you interact with your peers and society. There’s no one way of looking at beauty. Someone thinking they are beautiful usually means they are compatible internally and externally with how they view themselves. Contrary to what you may think, beauty has very little to do with what I do!

Describe Your Approach to Inner and Outer Beauty. How Are They Connected?

Outer beauty is achieved by matching what a patient sees in themselves and providing a result. If they lack confidence with no sense of “inner beauty,” they will not be a happy surgical patient. Sometimes, I’ll meet a patient and work with my staff to build confidence over time. We create a plan for a few non-invasive procedures they’ll notice in the mirror. They may not see a huge transformation, but they’ll feel like they took care of themself.

How Do You Help a Patient Whose Self-Confidence is Low?

If I get that vibe, I always have patients start with smaller procedures first. So much of the process is to build confidence and remove fear. We direct them toward lasers and minor fillers that are easy on the budget with tangible results. This makes them feel they are worth it. A good example is a woman who has clearly identified that she is done having kids, and her stomach is loose, her breasts have lost volume, and she has lost confidence. That lack of confidence is directly correlated to something that’s very fixable and tangible. Doing surgery to just fix something because they are unhappy overall, however, will not do it. If you have an identifiable problem, and I’m able to fix it with surgery, and you have inner confidence, then you’ll be a happy patient.

Is Feeling Beautiful Healthy for You?

If that is what is important to you, then I say embrace it. When you are internally feeling good about yourself, you may choose to get something done aesthetically that enhances your look. A lot of my day-to-day is really part-time psychology combined with surgery. The whole premise for successful plastic surgery or cosmetic treatment is meeting expectations. I make sure I understand where a patient is in their confidence level when they see me. If I’m able to deliver something that matches how they feel inside, they will be a very happy and mentally “healthy” patient. You start to say “I’m worth it. I deserve it. I will feel good and look good.” I’m not taking money to my grave, so I want to enjoy my time on earth now!

How is Self Love and Self Care Part of Feeling Good About Yourself?

Self love is self care. I feel that investing in oneself is your expression of internal confidence. Maybe you do a little Botox and look good, but the real win is that you’ve just invested in yourself. The “lipstick effect” that started in the Great Depression proves that people gain a little lift with just a small improvement. You’re ready to face the world.

In summary, Dr. Wilson shared that “beauty has very little to do with what we perform in practice. We can fix things and change what people see. But you must have internal beauty first; we cannot create that for you.” How can Dr. Wilson help match your inner beauty to your outer beauty? Contact us here; we’d love to take care of you in our aesthetic or surgery center.