3 Ways Emsculpt Supports Your 2020 Diet and Exercise Resolution

3 Ways Emsculpt Supports Your 2020 Diet and Exercise Resolution

YouGov, a well-known non-partisan international polling company, recently conducted a survey on the most popular 2020 New Year’s resolutions for Americans. Its pollsters found that about 30% of Americans overall will make a resolution they plan to stick by in the new year. About half of those who make a resolution will commit to exercising more, nearly 45% will resolve to eat better, and just under 40% will decide this is the year that they lose weight. At AW Plastic Surgery, we like to show people how these common goals to live healthier and feel better can often overlap and even find support through plastic surgery and non-invasive treatments such as Emsculpt.

Emsculpt, a cutting-edge treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy, is particularly well-suited to complement many 2020 New Year’s resolutions, especially for those who are looking to tone up, eat better, and get more physically active. Nothing else helps you shed body fat so quickly and rebuild lean mass and muscle tone in such a short time. In this post, we’ll describe three of the top ways Emsculpt’s technology goes together with your desire to eat better and get fit this year.

Emsculpt Helps Give You a Support Team in the Early Days of Your Resolution

It might not surprise you to learn that many people drop their New Year’s resolutions only a few weeks into the year. If you’ve ever set out to keep one, you know life gets busy and priorities can quickly shift. In behavioral psychology, one of the tips for cutting through life’s curveballs and maintaining a consistent set of priorities is going at your goal with the team approach. 

During an Emsculpt treatment, a handheld device delivers energy to a targeted area to induce rapid muscle contractions. The idea is to penetrate superficial and subcutaneous fat to “work out” your muscles at a rate many times higher than you could achieve in the gym. For ideal results, we typically recommend at least four 30-minute appointments. Pairing this treatment with a new workout routine will help keep you accountable and provide a little team support and encouragement in the early months of 2020 as you come in for your appointments.

Emsculpt’s Quick Results Help Motivate You to Keep Your Resolution

Motivation is key to keeping your New Year’s resolution. Daniel H. Pink, an author with a law degree from Yale Law School and former assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Labor and speechwriter for Vice President Al Gore, has written and spoken extensively about motivation. He says there are three main sources of motivation:

  1. Survival (animal desires)
  2. External rewards (extrinsic motivation)
  3. Enjoyment, satisfaction, and challenge (intrinsic motivation)

Emsculpt can help make your motivation for a healthier you in 2020 even stronger by tapping into extrinsic and intrinsic motivation factors. The noticeable results and ability to break past whatever walls you’ve experienced with diet and exercise alone will keep your desire to eat better and be healthier chugging along into 2021.

Newly Gained Confidence Can Give You a Whole New Attitude

Emsculpt’s quick, tangible results can be a powerful force in restoring or giving you a completely newfound sense of confidence. As a team of people who consider themselves experts in confidence, we know that it can completely change the way you see and feel about yourself. 

According to a CNN report, a University of Scranton psychology professor named John C. Norcross, who has studied resolutions for decades, says the secret to achieving a New Year’s resolution and making meaningful change is believing in yourself. With years and years of data backing up his assertion, Norcross said, “If you believe in yourself, you are 10 times more likely to change via a New Year’s resolution.”

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