3 Ways Emsculpt Supports Your 2020 Diet and Exercise Resolution

3 Ways Emsculpt Supports Your 2020 Diet and Exercise Resolution YouGov, a well-known non-partisan international polling company, recently conducted a survey on the most popular 2020 New Year’s resolutions for Americans. Its pollsters found that about 30% of Americans overall will make a resolution they plan to stick by in the new year. About half… Read More »

Does Emsculpt Work? What Recent Studies Are Saying

Does Emsculpt Work? What Recent Studies Are Saying Any doctor will tell you one of the best ways to increase your health and shape your figure is to build more muscle. The more muscle you have on your body, the more tone your natural curves and lean mass will appear to others. BTL Industries, Inc.,… Read More »

Tone & Tighten

Men and women who are struggling with obtaining the body they want through diet and exercise alone now have a solution.  Emsculpt, a noninvasive and FDA approved procedure, uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to strengthen muscle and contour the body so you can get the results you want.   Interested?  Contact us for a consultation… Read More »

Emsculpt: Why Millennials Are Binging on Body Contouring

At AW Plastic Surgery, we’re seeing more millennial patients each year for body contouring treatments, especially Emsculpt®, and we think it’s because body-contouring treatments are uniquely suited to the millennial generation. Here’s why.  Many Millennials Seek Body Contouring Because of Weight Loss or Gain For several years, the top three plastic surgery procedures among millennials,… Read More »

How Long will EMSCULPT® Results Last?

A sculpted tummy and a tight, lifted booty are difficult to achieve on your own, but non-surgical EMSCULPT® can make it easier. By stimulating and contracting the muscles thousands of times in a single treatment, EMSCULPT® creates results that you just can’t match with a standard workout. EMSCULPT® is certainly effective, but the real question… Read More »