High Brow: Should You Opt for a Surgical or Non-Surgical Brow Lift?

Ask anyone what they think is the most defining facial feature, and they’ll likely say “eyes.” But in reality, it’s the brows that have the most impact. Science says that our brows do most of the work when it comes to emotional expression – so it’s no wonder that they carry tremendous weight. What’s more, brows also serve an important role: they protect our eyes from sunlight, sweat and rain.

Now more than ever, brows are demanding more attention – and more patients are seeking out plumped-up and high brows. So, whether you want to regain the elasticity lost during aging or give those arches a little lift, read on to find out a few different ways to enhance the natural shape of your brows.

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Why You Might Need a Brow Lift

Many of the first signs of aging show up in the forehead area. If you’re an especially expressive person, your forehead muscles work overtime, which can lead to stubborn lines and advanced aging. With time, those soft tissues begin to weaken. Due to a loss of collagen and muscle volume as we age, the forehead and brow area can start drooping. This can pull the eyelids down, resulting in a sleepy, angry, or sullen look. Sometimes, sagging skin on your upper eyelid can even hinder your vision. 

While we can compensate for brow thickness and shape with serums, cosmetics, and tweezing, sometimes, that doesn’t seem to do the trick. A lot of patients are turning to both non-surgical and surgical procedures to reposition the brow area and regain a more wide-awake, refreshed look. Now, you can take advantage of these solutions to present your best self forward! Here, we’ll discuss how a non-surgical or surgical brow lift can help you make a great first impression.

Non-Surgical Brow Lift

A brow lift is becoming more popular among many of our younger clients – and not necessarily through traditional surgery. Thanks to social media and more celebrities favoring big, fluffy, elevated brows, the younger set is taking notice and asking how they, too, can achieve this “high brow” status. Enter Botox®

Botox® is known in the aesthetic industry as a wonder tool that fixes a myriad of issues. From stopping wrinkles in their tracks to banishing migraines and underarm sweat, is there anything this powerful injection can’t do? Along with inhibiting forehead lines and wrinkles, Botox®, or any neurotoxin such as Dysport®, has the ability to slightly lift the brow area. This provides the desired wide-awake and refreshed look that so many patients are after. Best suited for younger patients or those with less dramatic forehead drooping, this non-surgical brow lift is an excellent way to improve volume along the brow line. 

Patients love the dual effect of eliminating forehead wrinkles between the eyes and in the upper forehead area while gently lifting the brows. However, even though this is a quick and painless treatment, it’s not permanent. Once you begin with Botox® or Dysport® injections, you’ll want to keep up the results with regular appointments. Generally, most neurotoxin injections last a few months to inhibit your forehead muscles from moving. You will still be able to express your emotions on your face, just not without creating any static wrinkling. Your master injector will work with you on the right amount and a schedule that makes the most of cosmetic injectables.

Surgical Brow Lift

Sometimes, a more permanent solution is needed for a lifted brow look. This is more common in our older patients who have significant forehead drooping, deep creases, or asymmetrical brows. A surgical brow lift or forehead lift has the advantage of smoothing out forehead wrinkles and those dreaded frown lines, along with lifting hooded eyelids and drooping brows.

Your brow lift can also be combined with other procedures such as a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift, or a full face lift. Many of our patients enjoy this combination that really enhances the eye area and helps them regain a youthful look in one fell swoop. They report a higher degree of self-confidence and feel younger when they look in the mirror. 

Because the entire forehead area, including the upper eyelids, is connected, when a brow lift is performed, you’ll benefit from a rested, wide-awake look without a major structural change. Your friends may comment that you look great and don’t quite know why. We think this is the mark of a great procedure! 

Dr. Wilson is highly skilled in performing brow lifts and will work based on your facial structure and aging concerns. Recovery with a surgical brow lift is about one to two weeks with light bruising and swelling. Our experienced nurses will give you a post-operative care plan to ensure a smooth recovery.

Getting a Brow Lift That Works for You

Opting for either a non-surgical or surgical brow lift is a great way to take charge of your own external aging process. If you feel younger than you look, our expert team will meet with you to determine your best options. Harvard-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Wilson has been guiding both men and women in their anti-aging journey with great success – and he’s ready to help you. 

We love helping patients recover their youthful zest for life at AW Plastic Surgery by enhancing their outer beauty. Click here to schedule a consultation for your surgical or non-surgical brow lift. We look forward to helping you make a great first impression!