AW Experts Share 5 Misconceptions About Plastic Surgery

Interest in plastic surgery has reached its zenith. In the United States, surgical procedures increased by 54 percent in 2021, according to The Aesthetic Society – and that’s no big surprise. Return to in-person normalcy, exposure to celebrity culture, and the decrease of stigma around plastic surgery has led more and more people to seek out a little self-care. But as demand increases, so does misinformation around the industry.

“We spend a lot of time educating our patients at consultation about the reality of all of our procedures,” AW Plastic Surgery experts say. “This involves a lot of ‘myth busting.’” It’s true: Despite the fact that plastic surgery has become more normalized, patients still harbor a myriad of deep-seated unrealistic beliefs about what certain procedures entail. To dispel these myths, AW Plastic Surgery experts share the most common pieces of misinformation they hear both in and out of their medical office.

1. ‘Liposuction Is an Easy Fix’

Out of all plastic surgery procedures, liposuction is perhaps the most misunderstood. Those trying to shed a few pounds might think of liposuction as a quick fix to their weight-loss woes. “Liposuction includes no large incisions, which can make a surgery feel easier from a recovery standpoint,” AW Plastic Surgery experts say. “However, it can be more painful than a surgery that just involves skin.”

Although liposuction does work well to remove unwanted body fat, it is not a particularly “quick” fix. It takes three to six months for the swelling and scarring to subside and for patients to see full results from their surgery. “Liposuction is best done in areas with good skin quality,” AW Plastic Surgery experts say. “If you remove fat from an area with a lot of skin laxity, that skin will sag after, just like deflating a balloon.”

2. ‘Surgery With a Plastic Surgeon Means You Won’t Have Any Scars’

Plastic surgery can do wonders to lift, refresh, or completely change patients’ physical appearance to their liking. And today, technology has allowed for even bigger and better advancements in the field. This might lead some to believe that post-procedure scars are a thing of the past. “This is a complete myth,” AW Plastic Surgery experts say. 

Any time an incision is made and the skin’s barrier is broken, there’s a possibility of scarring. However, plastic surgeons today are skilled at making sure these scars are strategically placed and as concealed as possible. And with less invasive procedures constantly on the rise, patients now have more options than ever when it comes to improving their appearance – with minimal downtime.

3. ‘All Plastic Surgery Is Simply for Vanity’

It’s not uncommon to think that opting for plastic surgery is often purely for superficial reasons. Yes, a lot of patients do come in to improve something about their appearance that’s been bothering them for years – something that can’t be altered by diet or lifestyle changes. Other times, surgical solutions are a way to relieve discomfort and pain. For example, blepharoplasty involves correcting sagging eyelids and can help reduce eye strain and headaches while improving a patient’s peripheral vision.

Whatever the reason behind the surgery is, it’s important to make sure that expectations are established from the get-go. Plastic surgeons play a huge role in that, particularly in the consultation phase. However, patients should also check in with themselves and ensure their attitude toward plastic surgery is healthy and positive before going under the knife.

4. ‘Cosmetic Surgery Stops the Aging Process’

One of the biggest reasons patients elect to undergo plastic surgery? To reverse the aging process. While plastic surgery does turn back time, it doesn’t stop it in its tracks. No matter how many years a cosmetic procedure manages to shave off, gravity, time, daily movement, and even stress will continue to affect and change the body. 

Managing expectations, again, is the key to satisfaction with plastic surgery. At AW Plastic Surgery, our team of experts is there to help patients navigate every step of the process – including what comes after the surgery itself. Oftentimes, adopting healthy habits and minimizing risks go a long way in maintaining the best results.

5. ‘Non-Surgical Options Will Provide the Same Results As Surgical Options’

The truth is: It’s not always an apples-to-apples comparison, and the results will vary drastically based on the patient and their needs. In some cases, non-surgical options might prove to be a better solution than surgical alternatives. For example, dermal fillers have come a long way in smoothing out the skin and sculpting certain facial features, like the chin. Although the injections can’t fully replace a facial implant, they can make a substantial difference in the shape and look of the chin. 

“We always recommend a patient try filler in the chin prior to seeking consultation for a chin implant,” AW Plastic Surgery experts say. “This not only gives you the ability to see if you like the augmentation, but it also may very well provide you with the augmentation you desire, therefore avoiding surgery entirely. This is also the case with liquid rhinoplasty that uses dermal fillers – as long as you are a candidate.”

Have questions about plastic surgery or considering making changes? Let us guide you through your options at AW Plastic Surgery. Reach out to us here for a consultation, and learn more about the services we offer. We’re here to help you on your journey to a happier, more confident life!