Medical Aesthetics Experts Share Their Favorite Combination Treatments

Two birds, one stone. Sometimes, there are benefits to completing two things in one fell swoop, and this is particularly true in the medical aesthetics industry. Cosmetic multitasking has been cropping up as a trend over the past few years. The advantages of pairing two procedures together are easy to see: combined recovery time, cost efficiency, and more customized results. “If combination treatments can be done to provide the patient with a single downtime instead of multiple, why not offer this as a solution?” AW Plastic Surgery experts say.
This however doesn’t equate to cramming a chemical peel and injectables in one afternoon. Not all treatments go well together; it takes the expertise and personalized care of a professional to customize a combination treatment and come up with a plan just for you. So, which two procedures are typically done in tandem, you ask? Here, our experts weigh in with their favorites – plus, the perks and drawbacks of cosmetic multitasking.

Combination Treatment: BBL and Halo

As laser skin resurfacing treatments, BBL (Broad Band Light) and HALO work synergistically, each procedure increasing the effectiveness of the other. First, BBL uses intense pulsed light to target a pigment and bring it to the surface of your skin. Next, HALO partially ablates the skin, removing that pigment while reaching into the depth of your skin to stimulate collagen production. The result: Glowing skin with reduced fine lines and pores.
The downside? Unfortunately, these treatments are not pain-free and still require some downtime. BBL can feel hot, but the procedure is relatively quick. “We help the patient get through the discomfort,” AW Plastic Surgery experts say. “Then, we apply numbing cream for an hour before proceeding with HALO, which can feel ‘spicy’ even with the cream.” Immediately after, your skin might feel hot and tender, like a fresh sunburn. This, however, fades away after two to six hours. For the next seven to 10 days, you’ll experience swelling and a coffee- ground-like, textured skin.

Combination Treatment: Moxi and BBL

Another popular option in skin-resurfacing treatments? Moxi – a beginner-friendly, non-ablative laser that works major magic by creating micro-injuries to the surface layer of your skin. These micro-injuries help your skin kick-start its natural repair process, leading to fresher, brighter complexion. “Moxi is great for collagen stimulation and getting rid of fine lines,” AW experts say. “But it’s not for deeper lines or texture issues.”
This is where BBL comes in. By combining the power of these two laser treatments, you tap into the strength of each, ensuring the best possible results with very little downtime. AW Plastic Surgery experts recommend the Moxi-BBL combo for treating brown spots, redness, broken facial vessels, wrinkles, and so much more. The best part? “You don’t have to come in for multiple appointments,” they say.

Combination Treatment: Hydrafacial and Neurotoxin (Dysport®/Daxxify/Botox®)

Everyone’s heard of a facial, but what exactly is a hydrafacial, you ask? It’s really there in the name. A Hydrafacial takes the regular facial up a notch and maximizes its benefits. During the appointment, a mechanized wand is used to exfoliate your skin, get rid of dead skin cells, and remove impurities. After the cleanse-and-peel step, the wand finishes off the session by infusing your skin with topical moisturizers and serums.
Not only does this deep-clean and exfoliate your skin, it also helps tighten your pores and give your face some much-needed hydration. Want even more dramatic results? Combine this with the magic of an injectable neurotoxin like Botox®, which does wonders to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. “Once the Hydrafacial is done, we inject neurotoxins right after,” AW experts say. “You don’t have to come in for multiple appointments. You can do them all on the same day.” Botox® has little to no downtime, and a Hydrafacial requires no downtime at all. That said, AW experts recommend avoiding exercise for at least four hours post-treatment; this gives the Botox® enough time to settle into place.

Ready to give your skin the tune-up it needs? Let us guide you through your options at AW Plastic Surgery. Reach out to us here for a consultation on minimally invasive procedures like chemical peels and laser skin resurfacing treatments. We’re ready to help you achieve a happier, more confident life with radiant, beautiful skin.