Many women feel dissatisfied with the size and shape of their breasts, especially after pregnancy, an illness or an extended time breastfeeding. Implants promise to restore a feeling of youth and sensuality, but many wonder how they adapt to their bodies, exercise habits, and other activities. 

While 30 years ago, only a few implant types existed, today manufacturers make implants for varying body types and intended activity levels. In your consultation with Dr. Wilson, you’ll learn of all sizes, shapes, and materials available. Together, you’ll determine which fits best into your lifestyle. 

Carefully Consider The Reasoning Behind Your Breast Implant Choice 

Before choosing a specific type of implant, think carefully about how you would like your body to look. Breast implants can have aesthetic effects beyond the chest. A skilled plastic surgeon will work to make sure that implants will also look proportional to your body and appear natural. 

Having an understanding of the type of look you are trying to achieve will make the process of choosing breast implants much simpler. A patient who is trying to return to their pre-pregnancy breasts will most likely have a different end goal than one who has naturally smaller breasts and wants to fill out a bra. 

Patients With Little Breast Tissue Should Choose Silicone Implants 

Silicone implants closely mimic natural breast tissue. Softer and more aesthetically pleasing than saline implants, they are a good choice for women who do not have a lot of natural breast tissue. 

Silicone gel does not cause any allergic reactions. Some women also prefer silicone implants because they will not collapse if the implant does leak.

Gummy Bear Implants: A New And Innovative Option 

One popular type of cohesive silicone gel is known as a ‘gummy bear’ implant because they maintain the same shape even if they break. 

These types of implants are firmer and maintain their shape better than silicone gel. This reliability makes them a good choice for active women concerned about the motion of the implants during exercise.

The insertion of gummy bear implants does require a slightly larger incision than other types of implants, but a competent plastic surgeon will work to ensure scars will be hidden by the body’s natural folds and contours. 

Other Considerations Like Shape And Size

Most women have the option to choose between teardrop-shaped and round implants. The teardrop shape mimics the shape of a natural breast better, but around implant provides a fuller look. The choice between either depends on how you want your breasts to look. 

Size is another critical component of breast implants. Overly large implants can lead to sagging and rippling. They may also look out of place compared to the rest of the body. A plastic surgeon can advise what size will work best for your specific desires. 

If you have photos of breasts with implants that you find appealing, do not be afraid to bring them to a consultation. Be ready to hear about your doctor’s experience with all shapes and sizes of women, however. An implant that looks great on a broad-shouldered woman may not work on slimmer women. 

Your Consultation With Dr. Anthony Wilson 

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