Look Your Best for the Holidays With These Non-Invasive Boosts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Now that it’s possible to gather together for the holidays again, you might be concerned that the COVID-lockdown left you looking a little disheveled. Not to worry. Here are some quick and easy non-surgical procedures that’ll have you glowing for the celebrations.


Injectables to the Rescue

It seems there’s almost nothing that Botox® can’t do when it comes to perking up your face. From smoothing forehead lines to decreasing crow’s feet, it’s a great way to look picture ready for the holidays. If you’re experiencing fat volume loss in the face, fillers are another great option. We love using Juvéderm® and the RHA line of fillers for moveable, younger looking skin. Combined, these injectables give the effect of a “liquid face lift”: stopping wrinkles from forming and enhancing deep hollows and creases around the nose, mouth, and cheeks.

Microneedling to Stay on Point

Microneedling is a great way to get long-term skin benefits. By starting now, and continuing in the new year, you’ll be on your way to diminishing scars, uneven skin texture, and reducing pore size. Because microneedling targets skin cells below the epidermis, your body will produce collagen to repair the micro-injuries, making skin stronger and firmer over time.


Morpheus8 targets the deeper layers of the skin with controlled thermal energy. Morpheus8 can be used on any area of the face or body that would benefit from skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, and refined contouring. Morpheus8 alone or in conjunction with microneedling creates lifted and refined skin contour and texture. This is also one of the only treatments that can target the neck area, making it a popular addition to your regular facial regimen. If you’re ready to really advance your skin and turn back the hands of time, this is the gift that keeps on giving! A series of at least three spaced every six weeks is optimal to achieve the most visible results. We suggest treating yourself now and either buying more sessions as a gift to yourself, or adding visits to your holiday wish list. Our gift cards make a great gift for those who don’t know what to get you!

Peel Away For Bright Skin

One way to brighten up your face for the holidays is with a peel. By uncovering fresh, new skin cells, dermal peels work by using a variety of acids to gently remove the top layer of skin. This encourages new cells to surface and stimulates collagen growth while producing an even, smooth skin surface. Our expert aesthetician and medical assistant, Tracy Thaden can easily perform these in our in-office spa.


To achieve baby soft skin with minimal effort and immediate results, dermaplaning is an excellent choice. Your aesthetician will use a surgical blade to gently skim off the top layer of skin to reveal new skin. Even better, it can be added on to any facial treatment like injections, peels, or Hydrafacials. Tracy is experienced in this service and loves seeing patients’ reactions to this simple and effective treatment. There are no chemicals or acids so you can walk out and immediately go to an event with zero redness. Your skin care products will sink in easily and your makeup will look flawless! You’ll be so ready for that family Christmas card photo.

Premium Skincare

Once you’ve invested in younger looking and acting skin, it’s time to keep the benefits flowing. Premium medical grade skincare is the answer. Here at AW Plastic Surgery, we have options for every skin type and need. Our full line of clinically proven, medical-grade skincare products from Skinceuticals, Dermaceutic, and the ground-breaking SENTÉ line mean that you’ll be taking good care of your skin long after you walk through our doors.