Non-Surgical Procedures to Try When You’re Not Ready for Surgery

Have you been considering plastic surgery but you’re not quite ready? Perhaps you feel apprehensive about surgery or are physically unable to undergo surgery at this time. Whether you are interested in restoring youthfulness to your face or reshaping some part of your body, there are actually many procedures available that can enhance your appearance without surgery. Regardless of your reasons, we can offer a number of treatment options for your problem spots, so you don’t have to continue to accept the status quo even if you’re not ready for surgery. This blog post describes some of our most effective and popular non-surgical procedures. Our patients agree: these procedures are definitely worth considering whether you are ready for surgery or not!

I’m not yet ready for a facelift; what are my options?

As time passes, our age shows in our skin. Often, the signs of aging are most noticeable in our faces. Gravity pulls on our tissue, our skin loosens and produces less elastin and collagen, and wrinkles and spots of discoloration and uneven texture form. All of these natural processes contribute to an aged appearance. Fortunately, there are many non-invasive options that can reverse the signs of aging and erase years from the face.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are injectable products that can be placed under the skin in various locations to “fill in” wrinkles and fine lines and plump areas of the skin that may appear “hollowed out” due to the passing of time, such as the lips and cheeks and under the eyes. The overall effect of expertly placed dermal fillers is to smooth the skin, reversing wrinkles and drooping skin and restoring a young-looking fullness to the face.


Botox® injections are used to prevent and reverse wrinkle formation in areas of the face that are prone to these lines.  For instance, lines around the eyes and mouth can be eliminated with the use of Botox® injections, which prevent the muscle contractions that cause the formation of these lines.

Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift combines the placement of dermal fillers and Botox® injections with skin resurfacing and tightening treatments, for an overall total facial rejuvenation without surgery.  Each liquid facelift is fully customized to the patient, addressing your exact concerns using the most effective combination of treatments.

Change your silhouette with EMSculpt®  

EMSculpt® is revolutionary non-invasive treatment that can transform problem areas of the body, building muscle and burning fat without requiring you to work out! EMSculpt® can help you to obtain a leaner, fitter appearance. The device is applied to difficult-to-tone areas such as the abdomen and buttocks; electromagnetic energy is then transmitted to create muscle contractions that are stronger than what you could achieve through exercise. A number of scientific studies show that your body will respond to the EMSculpt® treatment by building new muscle tissue, and fat cells are also destroyed by the electromagnetic energy as it passes through the tissue. The end result is a dramatic change to your shape, no surgery required!

It is possible to enhance your looks without surgery.  We offer a number of options that can help you look and feel your best. Call us at 603.294.4526 to schedule your personal consultation. Discover the possibilities for a new and improved you without incisions!