Facelift After 50: 3 Reasons Surgery Beats Cosmetic Treatments for Older Skin

In a recent study published in JAMA Dermatology, researchers studied why patients seek cosmetic surgery and treatments. They found a broad range of emotional, physical, social, and professional influences that drove men and women to rejuvenate and enhance their appearance through plastic surgery and aesthetic medical technology such as laser treatments and dermal fillers. 

An interesting finding was that 83% of patients who were studied said they wanted to look younger, often adding a particular interest in looking better in pictures. Nearly 55% wanted to improve the way they looked in professional settings to help them in their careers. We think that says something important about the world we’re living in today.

In addition to maintaining a healthy sense of self-confidence, it’s also important to look and feel good because there are many situations and environments around us we can thrive in when we do. A facelift is the top choice for many of our patients at AW Plastic Surgery who are 50 and over and want to take advantage of looking and feeling their best.

In this post, we’ll talk about three of the top reasons why a facelift after 50 is often better than cosmetic treatments.

A Facelift is the Best Way to Treat Skin Laxity at 50 and Over

When it comes to skincare and early signs of aging, we often mention skin laxity on our blog. Skin laxity in various areas of your face, including your cheeks, the area beneath your eyes, and your jawline, is the result of important structural elements breaking down in your skin—two of the most important being collagen and elastin. 

As you age and your collagen and elastin break down, the process becomes more rapid because you produce less and less of them. Many cosmetic treatments help boost production to rejuvenate the skin, but if you’re about 50 or older, you may have enough sagging skin that surgery is recommended to remove it. 

Less invasive approaches such as microneedling and laser treatments may work to tighten skin and keep it looking younger longer for patients in their 30s and 40s, but nothing treats severe skin laxity like cosmetic surgery.

A Facelift Produces More Dramatic Results than Cosmetic Treatments

During their initial consultations, some patients specifically mention their interest in using dermal fillers to rejuvenate their youthful facial features and skin to avoid having surgery. This can sometimes be because of a general fear of surgery or because they prefer a less intensive recovery. While dermal fillers certainly have their place in many facial rejuvenation plans, sometimes they aren’t enough to get the results you truly want, especially if you’re older than 50. 

In addition to not being able to address some of the more severe signs of aging, dermal fillers and other cosmetic treatments also can’t quite deliver the precise results a talented plastic surgeon can. If you’re near the age of 50 or older and weighing the pros and cons of treatments versus a facelift for your facial rejuvenation, ask your plastic surgeon to show you before and after photos of patients who are older and have tried one or the other. You should be able to see some clear differences in the level of results in targeted areas that have had fillers, treatments, or surgery.

Facelift Costs are Quite Comparable to a Long Series of Cosmetic Treatments

Injectables like Botox®, Juvéderm®, and Sculptra® produce long-lasting results but will require subsequent treatments to maintain them. A facelift, on the other hand, will typically last at least 10 years until a follow-up revision even needs to be considered. Although the cost of individual appointments for dermal fillers and injectables may be cheaper, the need for future treatments may end up costing you about the same as a facelift, depending on your goals.

Have Questions About Facelifts or Other Facial Rejuvenation Options?

If you’re over 50 and thinking about your options to fight the signs of aging, especially in your face, it’s worth your while to find a cosmetic surgery team that you trust and that understands your true desires. 

Dr. Anthony Wilson of AW Plastic Surgery is a board-certified, Ivy League trained plastic surgeon with experience helping patients who opt for a variety of facelift and non-surgical procedures. 

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