The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

The cosmetic benefits alone of a tummy tuck convince thousands of men and women to choose this surgical procedure every year. A flatter, more sculpted tummy appeals to many of our patients, especially those struggling with a post-pregnancy or weight loss pooch.

The benefits of a tummy tuck don’t stop with a flat tummy, however. You may be surprised to learn of the many medical benefits to this procedure too.

Understanding the Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, also called an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure performed on the skin, muscle, and tissues in the abdominal area. It restores a tighter, flatter tummy after pregnancy or weight loss and is one of the only ways to remove loose skin and creases from the mid-section. This procedure offers patients both cosmetic and medical benefits.

We perform all abdominoplasties in one of our accredited operating suites We use advanced patient monitoring systems throughout the surgery to ensure safety.

A long incision is made, typically extending from hip to hip, below the bikini line. Excess skin and fat are removed and the paired abdominal muscles are tightened and strengthened. This muscle tightening is key to the medical benefits of the tummy tuck procedure. Tightening and strengthening the abdominal muscles improves and alleviates many common symptoms.

We finish the procedure by tightening and redraping skin, repositioning the belly button, and closing the incisions. After a recovery period of a couple of weeks, patients enjoy a beautifully flattened profile.

Tummy tucks require a highly individualized approach, something that our surgeons are known for. We offer several types of abdominoplasty including a drain-free tummy tuck with TissuGlu, a traditional abdominoplasty, and a mesh tummy tuck. We perform this procedure solo or paired with other procedures. A tummy tuck is a common addition to our mommy makeover.

A Tummy Tuck Offers Medical Benefits Too

Many patients initially choose an abdominoplasty for its cosmetic benefits but are delighted to discover the medical perks that this procedure offers. Other patients choose a tummy tuck initially to treat medical conditions and get the side benefit of a flatter tummy.

What are the medical benefits of a tummy tuck?

  • Decreased Back Pain- Weak abdominal muscles can lead to back pain. A tummy tuck tightens the abdomen, significantly reducing back pain for some patients.
  • Better Posture- Stronger abdominal muscles means better posture for many patients.
  • Reduction of Urinary Incontinence- A tummy tuck can improve stress urinary incontinence. SUI can also be treated with non-surgical treatments, but a tummy tuck has been shown to help many patients with the condition enjoy long-lasting relief.
  • Hernia Correction- A ventral hernia occurs when intestine or tissue pushes through the abdominal wall. A tummy tuck addresses existing hernias and reduces the likelihood of recurrence by tightening and strengthening the abdominal wall.
  • Increased Motivation and Ability to Exercise- A tight, flat tummy makes exercise easier for many patients that once struggled with significant quantities of loose abdominal skin. This makes it easier to maintain health and weight goals and improves overall physical fitness.
  • Treatment of Diastasis Recti- Diastasis recti is a type of abdominal muscle separation that is very common, especially after pregnancy. We repair separation during an abdominoplasty if the condition is present.

Come for a cosmetic tummy tuck and enjoy these medical benefits too! If you’re interested in exploring abdominoplasty, call us at (603) 294-4526 or reach out to us online here.  Dr. Anthony Wilson is a firm believer in combining skin care, injectables, and surgery to achieve customized, natural results for Portsmouth, NH, and surrounding area residents.