Tips for Gifting Breast Augmentation at the Holidays

Tips for Gifting Breast Augmentation at the Holidays

At AW Plastic Surgery, we see an increase in cosmetic treatments and surgeries every year around the holidays. This experience at our Portsmouth, NH plastic surgery practice also follows a national trend, with the American Academy of Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) reporting an increase of about 25% in cosmetic procedures in the U.S. from the Thanksgiving holiday to New Year’s Eve.

An obvious reason for this spike in cosmetic surgery and treatment interest is the gift-giving season, but some of the other factors include more time off for recovery (especially for students), and winter is a naturally good time to get surgery because you’ll be spending time indoors anyway. Although facial plastic surgery procedures and injectables tend to be the most popular gifted cosmetic procedures, breast augmentation gifting is on the rise. 

If you’re thinking about gifting a breast augmentation to someone this holiday season, consider these important tips to help make your gift perfect for the one you love.

Think About the Person to Whom You’re Gifting a Breast Augmentation

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons did a survey about gifting plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures a couple of years ago, and it found that men were most likely to gift a cosmetic procedure to their significant other.  Friends, and then mothers were the next most likely gift-receivers. Women, however, were most likely to gift plastic surgery to a friend. 

Who you’re gifting a breast augmentation to will likely impact the way you want to arrange its delivery. If you know your significant other or friend well enough to know they’d appreciate you doing the leg work to narrow the field down to a few surgeons or even just one, you might want to schedule their consultation as a gift. Many plastic surgery practices will even provide a fancy certificate or gift card so you have something physical to put in a gift box or card. 

On the other hand, if you’re gifting a breast augmentation to a friend who enjoys doing their own research and has strong preferences, you might want to create your own fancy certificate and promise to pay for the surgery after they’ve picked out their dream plastic surgeon.

Don’t Gift Breast Augmentation to Someone Who Has Never Talked About One

The core reason to gift breast augmentation to someone you care about is to give them more confidence, but you can strip confidence away if you give it to someone who has never mentioned wanting to have one. If you’re unsure, it’s worth putting off a breast augmentation gift while you tactfully feel out the situation without tipping off the gift recipient. Even if the person you’re considering for the gift has casually mentioned wanting a “boob job” or joked about how they’d like bigger or differently-shaped breasts, that doesn’t mean they’re quite ready to pull the trigger on plastic surgery.  

Cosmetic surgery is a very personal choice, and it’s better for everyone involved if it’s something the patient deeply desires for themselves.

Be Part of the Gifted Breast Augmentation Recovery Period

Each person heals from a cosmetic surgery on a different schedule, but a breast augmentation recovery typically takes several weeks. Whether you’re giving the gift of a breast augmentation to a friend, significant other, or someone else, they’re going to need your help following surgery. Sometimes, being there for someone who needs you is the best gift of all.

Physically, they may need your help getting around the house immediately after surgery and with some of the more routine aspects of their day-to-day life. In the weeks following their procedure, they may need help lifting heavy items and with more strenuous chores. There’s also an emotional component of the recovery process for any plastic surgery procedure, so be there for her as she adjusts to the new physical changes in her body, too.

Talk to AW Plastic Surgery if You’re Thinking About Gifting Breast Augmentation

Have questions about breast augmentation or how to make it the perfect gift for your loved one? Dr. Anthony Wilson, a board-certified plastic surgeon, and our team of breast augmentation experts can answer your questions and make sure you plan your gift perfectly. Please contact our office today if you’re interested in a consultation for you or someone special this holiday season.  

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