Transform Your Journey: Top Surgery in Portsmouth, NH at AW Plastic Surgery

As the spring season blossoms, it symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings. At AW Plastic Surgery, led by Dr. Anthony Wilson, we view spring as a perfect metaphor for the transformative journey our patients undergo with top surgery. And there’s no better setting for such a significant transformation than the supportive community of Portsmouth, NH.

Understanding the Impact of Top Surgery

Top surgery is a pivotal procedure that not only transforms the body but also supports the emotional and psychological growth of transgender individuals. At AW Plastic Surgery, we are committed to guiding our patients through this life-changing process with utmost care and respect, ensuring a safe and positive experience.

How Top Surgery is Performed

Top surgery for transgender men typically involves the removal of breast tissue to create a more traditionally masculine chest contour. For transgender women, the procedure often includes breast augmentation to enhance feminine contours. Dr. Wilson customizes each surgery to align with the unique needs and goals of our patients, significantly improving their comfort in their own skin and overall quality of life.

Dr. Anthony Wilson: A Partner in Your Transformation

Dr. Anthony Wilson, a distinguished Harvard Medical School alumnus, brings his extensive expertise to each top surgery at our clinic. His approach is deeply empathetic and personalized, ensuring that every patient feels respected, understood, and confident in their journey.

Community Support in Portsmouth, NH

AW Plastic Surgery is not just about high-quality medical care; it’s also about the warm and inclusive community of Portsmouth, NH. Located at 500 Market St, Suite 1B, our clinic sits in the heart of a town renowned for its welcoming and supportive atmosphere. This community spirit plays a crucial role in the emotional well-being and recovery of our patients, marking a new chapter in their lives.

Start Fresh with AW Plastic Surgery

Choosing AW Plastic Surgery means opting for a supportive, caring environment that extends beyond the surgical room. It’s about finding a community that embraces and supports you as you align with your true self.

If you are considering or planning top surgery, we invite you to contact us at (603) 294-4526 or schedule a consultation online. Let Portsmouth, NH, Dr. Anthony Wilson, and the AW Plastic Surgery team support you on your journey to “spring into a new you.”