How Long will EMSCULPT Results Last?

A sculpted tummy and a tight, lifted booty are difficult to achieve on your own, but non-surgical EMSCULPT can make it easier. By stimulating and contracting the muscles thousands of times in a single treatment, EMSCULPT creates results that you just can’t match with a standard workout.

EMSCULPT is certainly effective, but the real question our patients ask is, “How long does it last?” Learn more about EMSCULPT results and longevity below. Spoiler alert… We think you’ll be rather surprised and delighted by the long-lasting body contouring results EMSCULPT can achieve.

Creating Your Ideal Tummy and How EMSCULPT Can Help

To achieve those killer abs you’re dreaming about, you need two things: less fat and tighter, toned muscles. If you have too much fat, it’s like you’ve covered toned muscles with a fluffy blanket. You simply can’t see what’s underneath.

If you have little fat, but no tone, you’ll have a slim, slender tummy that lacks definition. One element without the other falls short of your aesthetic goals. EMSCULPT helps our patients to achieve both of the necessary elements for a toned, tight tummy or bottom. It contracts the muscles to create definition and burns calories to melt away fat.

EMSCULPT helps patients achieve these goals by using  a specialized technology called HIFEM (high intensity focused electromagnetic) technology to induce contractions in the targeted muscles. These aren’t just any contractions. They are stronger, more focused, and more frequent than the type of contraction that occurs naturally. These intense muscle contractions force your muscles to rise to the challenge, rapidly adapting, growing quickly, and increasing in tone.

EMSCULPT Treatment in Portsmouth, NH – What Areas Can It Treat?

Non-surgical EMSCULPT is commonly performed on the abdomen, but we use it on other areas of the body, too, including the buttocks, legs, and arms. This treatment is popular with men and women. What areas do you want to tighten, slim, and tone?

We love using this unique treatment to create muscle mass. It is ideal for patients that aren’t good candidates for other body shaping treatments or that want to avoid surgery. It is an effective non-surgical alternative for treating bat wings, lifting a saggy buttocks, and tightening the tummy.

Real Results, but Do They Last?

Powerful  EMSCULPT is very good at what it does. The average patient will experience approximately 16% gains in muscle mass after treatment. They will also experience a significant boost in metabolism, helping to burn calories and eliminate unwanted fat. Our patients are delighted by their EMSCULPT results.

You’ll feel and see that the treatment is working shortly after your first session. The treated muscles will be tender, a feeling similar to an intense workout. Patients typically see early results about two weeks after their final treatment.

How long do results last? This part is really up to you. With healthy habits and the right diet and exercise balance, EMSCULPT results can last a lifetime. For many patients, this treatment jumpstarts healthier habits, forever changing the appearance and composition of the body.

EMSCULPT can only contract the muscles and create the initial results. You have to maintain what EMSCULPT achieves. Diet and exercise are the hallmarks of a healthy lifestyle and essential to maintaining results from your treatment.

Tone up that tummy and tighten those buns. Call us at (603) 294-4526 or reach out to us online here to schedule your EMSCULPT treatment in Portsmouth, NH.