When Should You Schedule Your Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Treatments?

pre-wedding treatments

Saying that there are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to planning a wedding is an understatement. There are vendors to choose, family members coming in from out of town, and mountains of details to coordinate. It’s easy to forget in such a complicated process that enjoying the experience and taking personal care time need to be top priorities in your agenda as well.

All eyes will be on you at that moment when you walk down the aisle and look at your significant other in a whole new way for the first time. Every bride and groom wants to look their best in that special moment, and many people choose to plan plastic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic treatments before they walk down the aisle.

To help patients with weddings on the horizon, Anthony Wilson, MD and his team at AW Plastic Surgery have put together a guide of the best times to schedule cosmetic treatments so you look and feel your absolute best when the doors open and the music plays.

Work AW Plastic Surgery into your wedding plans and allow us to treat you to a happy, healthy glow on your big day. Contact us if you’d like to schedule a consultation or call our plastic surgery practice in Portsmouth, NH at (603) 294-4526.

Plastic Surgery Before Your Wedding

If getting married compels you to finally schedule the cosmetic procedures you’ve always wanted, such as facial plastic surgery or breast augmentation, it’s best to have at least a year to heal and allow results to develop. However, we know you don’t always have complete control over the amount of time between your engagement and the ceremony.

Some patients’ cases don’t require invasive surgeries or lengthy recovery times; there may be some plastic surgery treatments that can meet your needs, where healing is complete at two to six months.

Botox® Before Your Wedding

With aging, the skin produces less collagen and important structural proteins that maintain its youthful plumpness and tone. When it comes to delicate facial soft tissue, signs of aging equate to wrinkles and depressions. Botox® is a great way to smooth out many of those pesky signs of aging, and it’s becoming popular as a cosmetic treatment for a great number of grooms and brides-to-be. Our advice on Botox®: if possible, give yourself about two months before your wedding to enjoy the best results from your treatment.

Kybella® Before Your Wedding

A common source of insecurity for men and women is submental fat or the stubborn double chin. Kybella® is the only FDA-approved, non-surgical double chin treatment. Many brides and grooms schedule this procedure about five to six months before they take their vows.

Many patients need about three to five Kybella® sessions for the best results, and you will want at least a couple months to be completely healed so you look your best.

Dermal Fillers Before Your Wedding

When it comes to achieving that youthful glow, many plastic surgeons and aesthetic medical professionals recommend investing your time and energy into skin care before your wedding day. While there are a number of topical skin products that may help you achieve smoother skin, dermal fillers like Sculptra®, Juvederm®, and Restylane® are proven, minimally-invasive therapies that provide dramatic improvement quickly, helping you look younger by adding more volume in the right places.

Because of the wide range of available soft-tissue filler products and their active ingredients, you can generally get fillers anywhere from a few months to a couple of weeks away from the wedding. Like many other cosmetic treatments, the further out you start your treatment plan, the better.

Make Your Pre-Wedding Cosmetic Treatment Plan a Couples Event

Choosing a cosmetic treatment before your wedding can be a big step and very personal decision for many men and women. One of the most interesting trends we’ve seen among our patients recently is couples’ treatments; if you’re interested in a non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedure, it’s a great idea to bring your fiancée along to the consultation to see if there is a skin pampering or injectable treatment they’d like for themselves as well. Receiving treatment side-by-side makes your appointment fun and is a unique way to bond during what can be the stressful process of coordinating a wedding.

We want your confidence and happiness to shine on your wedding day. Cosmetic procedures and skin treatments are an excellent way to put your best face forward and feel beautiful in such an important moment. If you’d like to talk to Dr. Wilson and our team of plastic surgery and cosmetic experts, please contact us for a consultation. Call our Portsmouth, NH practice at (603) 294-4526.